Friday evening, so Bettie took to the stage for the very first time; all thanks to Robin at, who was kind enough to add me as a newbie to his line up for the show. After a 2-hour drive to build up the nerves, Bettie arrived, not knowing anything about how shows run, any of the other ladies, basically not a clue on what to expect. I met some amazing guys within the first half hour there and my nerves calmed. Robin was really helpful, as were the beautiful Luna Delovely and Trois Deville, and the charming Jacques Bruxelles. The crowd arrived, the show began and the nerves returned!!! I was on 4th and watched 3 great acts beforeI went on stage. I can't believe how quickly time passed once my music started, but with no costume or stage problems, I found I really enjoyed my stage time and was actually a little dissapointed I didn't have a 2nd act to show off in the 2nd half. It was a fab evening and I met some wonderful performers with loads of advice and ideas. Really looking forward to going back soon. Thanks everyone involved, it was a fantastic place for Bettie to introduce herself.


Volupte in London is the perfect venue for burlesque. With its velvet drapes, lovely lighting and features and fab atmosphere, it's the place I'm sure every performer would like to visit at some point. I was offered the chance to perform alongside other newbies and the delightful Vicky Butterfly. More nervous than I've been before, I arrived along with Scarlett Cuffs and Polly Goes Boom and was shown to the changing area. Quick chance for a drink and chat before getting ready to perform in front of what sounded like a great crowd upstairs, including friends and my delightful retro loving photographer Diane, from The crowd was small but whooped and cheered in all the right places and, again, I felt great, even though the washing on the line went a little wrong. Two shows this evening, which meant a chance for a catch up to find out what friends thought of the act before getting ready to go all over again. Bigger crowd for the 2nd show and no malfunctions, brilliant! Another great evening with some great acts.


Don't know why, but I was feeling more nervous than ever before in the run up to this show. Invited by the fabulous Darkteaser to perform at one of her shows, along with acts which I had seen and enjoyed before, I think it was newbie nerves all round driving up on the Friday afternoon. Nerves calmed almost straight away when I arrived at the venue and met Tiffany Beau, Constance Peach and Daisy Stays. We enjoyed a drink and burlesque chat before setting up and getting ready. Loved the venue and the crowd and, although the nerves came back before I went on 2nd, I enjoyed every moment on stage. The other acts were fantastic. Lady Tiffany in her garden with the prettiest hat I've ever seen, and her Diamonds act was perfect, as was Constance Peach and her fan dance. Daisy Stays reminded us all that SHE should have been the one to marry William last weekend and Riding the Valkyrie showed us, we need not fear the dentist!!. Darkteaser and Miss Von Vamp delighted the crowd with beautiful fan dance routines and Kitty Liquor and Cherry Stone entertained with retro acts. All of this linked by the smear-test-loving compere, Wonderful D, made it a fantastic evening and I look forward to catching up with all the performers again soon.


Fab evening all round last night. Small but perfect venue raising money for charity. Met up with some great ladies performing everything from classic strip to the chav take on burlesque. Nervous (as usual). Crowd were a little hard to get going, although they did whoop after a bit of a telling off by the lovely Lainy Tuesday. Forgot to take off my apron for some reason this time round, aghhhh. Never mind, still a great evening with great people. Look forward to another evening at the venue.


Was very nervous for this one as I was the only remover of clothes on the line up! Turned up at what seemed to be a very quiet hidden venue, The Loom Bar which turned out to be a little gem of a place. A perfect little basement bar, with a really sensual feel to it. Hidden little dens to the sides for cosy drinks and great lighting. As people started to arrive I was hoping for a friendly crowd willing to whoop and cheer and was not disappointed. I was nicely sandwiched between 2 Cornish lovelies and a guy who could rap for England! Voodoo Mick used his mind powers to get the show going, and the compere, Will Goodhand, was fab at working the audience. It was a great evening and I hope my act was enjoyed by the crowd. I had a fab time and met some great people. I'm really looking forward to going back, so put it in your diaries NOW, 8th June.Thanks to everyone involved x


Oh my, this show was full of wonderful names from the world of burlesque, including all the way from Canada the very delish Wrong Note Rusty, who showed us that we can all leave our jobs with a bang if we get fired. Also performing was the fab Delilah Defoe who was making a welcome return to burlesque.  We arrived and I found I had moved from 3rd on the running order to 1st!!! Nerves as always kicked in and I started getting ready to perform my new beauty pageant Bettie act. Would the crowd like it? would my legs stop shaking? would the crowd be kind? Once on stage I spotted a friendly face in the crowd, relaxed and totally enjoyed the performance, and all though there was a tiny blip, I think it went down well.  I was then able to relax and enjoy the rest of the show, with top performances from Delilah Cherryblossom, Susie Von Garter, Geeta Von Tease, Alabama Boom and the lovely Lola Lashes, not forgetting Boba Fett!! With pixie Amore and Gigi Golightly to keep things moving the show was fab! It was also lovely to perform again alongside the FANtastic Candy Carnival and catch up with the charming Jacques Bruxelles as well as the wonderful Robin who gave me my first bit of stage time. Thanks Rob, look forward to performing again with you soon xxx


Was this a fab nite? of course it was. Back to the little basement bar tucked away from the hustle and bustle of London. I love this venue for its charm and people. This was my second time performing The Beauty Pageant routine and I think it went down well, with lots of audience participation!! On 4th this time it was good to watch Voodoo Mick again (who makes me sit there with a blank mind just in case he knows what im thinking) while encouraging the crowd to take part in his mind reading antics. The delightful Shelly Cooper and her comedy act and Tennyson doing comedy magic and a couple of little balloon models!! (no flowers or giraffes though) You can really engage the crowd at this venue and I think its a great place to perform. Nerves gone I got through the performances with one tiny hic cup, which I dont think anyone noticed and  enjoyed every minute of it, thanks to a fun crowd. After a quick changed I sat back and enjoyed the rest of the evening including more comedy and singing and an act that has left me wondering, just how much should I enjoy a French Fancy. Topped that off with a yoga performing builder and his mate Trev who could charm the pants off any lady and the delightful Will Goodhand holding it altogether and there you have the perfect Cabaret of Pottiness. If you missed this one.......see you next time 13th July, xx

PETERBORO' 26th June 2011.

Took a trip up north to meet the fab Matt Page who is the man behind next years Festival of the 40s which promises to be, a fantastic 1940s get together including re-enactments and Glen Miller big band style music. 3 days of events offering something for everyone...Ladies if you like a uniform, you will not be dissapointed and men if you like a beer, well neither will you!! Im really looking forward to a great weekend of fun and performing along side many other acts on the Sunday evening at the Evening of 1940s burlesque show. Lots of interest already so get that date in your diaries NOW!! More info to follow x 

BLACKPOOL 3rd July 2011.

A bit of a change this weekend, no show but a chance to hit the home of the big dipper, bigger tower and even bigger hearts after meeting Ray and the guys at This Blackpool based charity aims to help our armed forces with the issues and problems that dont always make the headlines. PTSD or post trumatic stress disorder can cause many problems which can make civilian life unbearable. Whilst I was visiting I learnt from Ray about an ex-para who was now homeless and had turned to drinking, It makes you realise that the person you may walk past in the street, could once have fought for our country!! I also read a post by Glenn, who had overcome his own problems and turned his life back around.....

‎258 British soldiers, Sailors and airman died in the 1982 Falklands War against Argentina. A less known statistic is that in the decades following the conflict a reported 264 British Falkland veterans committed suicide, unofficial figures suggest the number now exceeds 300. Thus, the Falklands War holds the ignoble but common charact...eristic causing more British suicides than combat casualties. This is not restricted to just the Falklands war, but all wars. Not enough is done to help the veterans overcome PTSD, and it is time that we all raise awareness and become empathetic to our battle tired troops. If you know somebody, a family or friend experiencing symptoms of PTSD, offer your support.
Sometimes it is just a friendly listening ear, I should know I too suffered for years, from this.

These figures certainly made me think, and Im hoping I can now work along side the team in Blackpool to raise both  awareness and funds to allow them to carry on offering the help and support that these proud veterans deserve.


Another fab evening in the delightful basement bar. Met up again with Voodoo Mick, Sugar n Fags, Shelly Cooper as well as new faces Temptress of Tiger Bay performing some great numbers and the totally charming Andy Russell, man of many talents including comedy and magic. After not performing wash day wishes for a while it was great to hang out the washing again! A debut of Sugar n Fags new act ready for the Camden Fringe ended the evening in totally potty styles, and oh yes I must mention the georgous near naked man! 


This one was a bit different for me as it was a private coporate event for Russell's 50th birthday. I went along to Mayfair with Voodoo Mick, Sugar n Fags and magic man Tennyson. A rather quirky little basement bar below a resturant, I have to admit I was pretty nervous about performing at this gig. The evening kick off with Voodoo Mick doing his mind reading act, an act Ive seen before BUT he still amazes me! Next up Sugar n Fags who can get even the quietest crowds going doing their babestation act. Tennyson captured the crowd with his magic, humour and razor trick!! And then my turn, and I have to say the crowds were FABBBB! We finished the evening off with a bit of partying on the dancefloor and I think a great night was had by all x


The last show for Rob at the Bear Tavern in BIrmingham and having never been there was a little bit nervous driving up there. Doing 2 acts tonight including the nip and tucked Betties Day Out, umm fingers crossed. Wow what a great venue with a great crowd and a changing area to die for. Just time to catch up again with a couple of old faces before the show gets going. Nervous as ever until i step on stage and then as usually it all disappears and I had 2 really great performances. Lovely to see the totally delightful Jacque once again and nice to meet Cherry Blossom, Cadillac Arrest and many more beautiful ladies. Love the Birmingham crowds and cant wait to come back xx


Lovely to be asked to join the fantastic, funny, potty cabaret of pottiness for a couple of their nights at the Camden Eye as part of the Camden Fringe Festival. A cosy but perfect size venue in the 'kissing room' above the bar, it was great to welcome a whole range of people into the crowd. Really love working with these guys and no nerves at all before this show. Bettie's Day Out went down really well, and I am now looking forward to going back to the Loom Bar and seeing some of the crowd again that we have met this month xx


Back up north this evening to the Valley to take part in a charity evening for Asthma UK, run by Delilah Cherryblossom, who has seen the work this charity have done first hand this event deserved more than any to be a BIG success, and thats exactly what it was. Meeting up again with Cherry Blossom, Cadillac Arrest, Delilah Defoe, Lola Lashes and many more lovely ladies this was a fab evening all round. The crowd were brilliant and Bettie's Day Out was probably the best performance to date. Loads of money raised for a great cause and loads of glasses raised to celebrate xx


Oh my goodness what a show, fab venue, fab town, fab acts, fab crowd, fab DJ......Did I say this show was fab!!!!! great to see the delish Lolo Lashes again as well as meeting some lovely new performers. A real great crowd who whooped and cheered all evening as well as ohhhing and arghhhing to the talents of the wonderful Al Rudge who showed as a little magic and a little umm well DIY on himself (say no more)! the Beauty Pageant act was back in Blackpool where it all began in the 50s and was recieved really well, cant wait to go back up to the Vegas of northern England real soon 


Oh what a fab little venue, a cosy little bar with comfy chairs and a lovely little crowd. It was great to meet up with old friends and meet new ones. Compered by the delish Kate the evening was a nice little combination of singing and burlesque with a bit of comedy thrown in. Cant wait to go back next year.


Down south to Canterbury for the new and exciting Hop Garden Burlesque at the Ballroom. A beautiful venue to put on a show. Performing alongside the devine Luna DeLovely, Daisy Champagne and Ava Iscariot again it was also lovely to meet The Peekaboos and the brilliant Puss in Boots. Lots of burlesque with a hint of magic and some delightful songs, the crowd really enjoyed this evening with lots of petticoats, curls and lipstick on offer for the best dressed competition. Looking forward to another exciting show in Febuary next year.


Well it was finally here, the one Id been waiting for. I was going to step out of my comfort zone for this one as the show name suggests. A charity event organized by the wonderful Rob of Black Country Burlesque, including live bands and 35 burlesque performers, which was going to be the Birmingham show of the year. A fab line up including Candy Carnival, Cherry Blossom, Cadillac Arrest and Delilah Cherryblossom to name but a few. I decided to do a fan dance for this event but still with a little Bettie story behind it. Going from 50s music to Guns an Roses was going to be different for me, that was for sure, but it was a GREAT evening and I really enjoyed performing. It was a great crowd and Rob did a fab job. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported a great cause. 


Oh, a snug little Venue just by Camden tube, there was a fantastic atmosphere straight away. A delightful mixture of acts performing at this show including an open mic slot, there was something for everyone. I decided to perform the new act again and enjoyed it just as much second time around. With Sugar n Fags performing both new acts and old favorites the evening went off with a bang and the Christmas show is looking full of sparkle, glitter, laughter, pasties and anything else that goes!!!!


A new venue for burlesque, and what a venue! A lovely country pub full of charm and the most delightful event area. The audience were fab here with lovely ladies getting dressed up and many a dapper gent along side them. A chance to catch up with the lovely Scarlet Cuffs this promised to be a sell out first gig for the London performer who had really pulled in a top crowd with lots of whooping and cheering all evening. Performing my washing line act as well as my new fan dance it was a FANtastic show sharing the stage with Katy Jones, Anna Bon Bon and the wonderful Nanny Dora walking frame and all! Cant wait to go back in the new year x


Back in London for the last show of the year, The Black Heart, full of quirkiness, was the setting for this real mixture of a show. A chance on this occasion to perform 3 times it was great to be able to perform a little off the cuff ballon pop just in time for christmas. A wonderful crowd including many close friends, the evening was a huge success and we ended it by raising a babycham glass to many more shows here in 2012 x


Well this was a cheeky little new idea, a Secret Sundae. An evening of........shhhhh it was a secret of course. A little treat where by nobody who brought a ticket knew who was performing until the evening itself, and what a great evening it was. Performing alongside some great perfomers from Black Country Burlesque in a cute little bar near the town centre the evening promised to be full of fun and laughter, glitz and glamour.  Performing my much loved Betties Boudoir fan dance the crowd were great with lots of whooping and cheering. Nice to get back on stage after a little break over Christmas, and great to meet some new burly performers.


Back to the dark little bar upstairs at the Black Heart and a chance to try out my new balloon POP!!!! A small but loud crowd this month, it was lovely to share a stage again with the lovely Daisy Champagne. compered by the crowd loving Will Goodhand, the show, a mixture of well anything potty really, went down well with the audience and the act was great fun to perform.  Missed it? Look forward to seeing you next month then.....


The day had finally arrived and the nerves were there. A very special show for me in Poole which I arranged to raise money for the RNLI.  A chance have fun, raise money and catch up with friends.  Not really sure how busy the evening would be I was very happy to find that advance tickets sales were fab and over 50 were sold out of the 70 before the evening. A big thanks to the staff and landlord of the Blue Boar who were fantastic and very supportive in promoting the event. Lovely ladies dressed up in seams and feather boas and dapper gents (including a man with a delightful pink moustache) were amongst a very fun crowd who began to arrive at about 7 to enjoy pre show drinks. And what a crowd they were, whooping and cheering right from the moment the show started, to the last person stepped of stage at the end of the evening. Performing my Beauty Pageant act and fan dance alongside some special ladies (who were fantastic) we enjoyed an evening of comedy, glamour, magic, BINGO!!!! and a little dark act too. The evening was a massive success raising loads of money for a very worthy charity and I would just like to thank Gemma, the fab crowd, my stage maid and music man and my lovely performers who made the show possible. xx 


Back with old friends and performers at this great venue. A little valentines love in the air with hearts, roses, love and a little balloon pop!! Always a great crowd at The Wharf and lovely to meet some new burly ladies including the war time charms of Peggy Pompom.


A beautiful ballroom venue in the charming Kent town of Canterbury. A little late valentine treat for all. Another chance to blow up those balloons for the Stupid Cupid Pop. Fun crowds with plenty of whooping and cheering, and the delightful singing talents of the fab Luna De Lovely.


An evening of both tears and laughter for a very special lady. A private event featuring music, magic, fab auction prizes and a dash of burlesque the event was a massive success and great fun to perform at, alongside Miss Katy Jones, Kate McGann and the beautiful Scarlet Cuffs.


Ohhh a little somewhere different for the start of the month. a bit of a hidden gem and great music venue the night promised to be a blast.  Bringing out the beauty pageant act for the first time in a while it was lovely to hear the crowd singing along!! And what a crowd they were making this evening a real favorite. Cant wait to go back.


After taking a months break The Cabaret of Pottiness returned to Camden with, well as much pottiness as before plus more! This cosy little venue upstairs at the Black Heart is great fun to perform at and was a chance to catch up with old friends and new with some very different acts for this month (I dont think I will ever look at the fruit and veg section in Tesco the same way again).


A chance to help out a good friend and Im there. This gig was a fundraiser for Cancer Research and hosted by the beautiful Natalie, with some bare chests from some rather delish gentlemen, including some Take me out stars. Burlesque, cupcakes, singing, auctioning of men (and lovely ladies), many more fab prizes and a chance to catch up with the brilliant Diana from who was on hand to take pics in her pop up studio,  thats about as fab as a Friday night gets!


So here we are a year to the day from my first nervous performance and I feel NERVOUS!! There really is only 1 place to enjoy your burly birthday and thats back where it all began (give or take a few miles). Bettie LOVES performing up North and this show was as fab as ever. Catching up with the devilish Lola Lashes and Candy Carnival and meeting many new amazing performers it was a new venue and a great one at that.  So thats it 1 whole year and I think I will raise a Babycham glass to the next one xx


Well what can I say, its almost home! First night for burlesque in this London bar with Scarlet Cuffs, Kate Mcgann sporting what could only be described as comfortable lounge wear! and many more lovely ladies. We had everthing from magic from the charming Miss Jones, air raids to sing-a-longs and much much more. If you missed it dont worry next show May 3rd. See you there!


Love, love, love this venue. Always a fab night and this show didnt disappoint. Creme De La Creme at its best with newcomer performances from the lovely stage kittens, and Smokin McQueen delighting us with his balloon pop, it was fab to have a great crowd to try out the new Spring cleaning act with a Bettie twist of course!


A night for my wonderful friend and photographer Diana. Bringing her skills and love of photography to capture the folk, young and old of Brixton. An exhibition of photos which Diana has put together over a couple of weeks of locals in the markets, shops, cafes and streets of this South London town. Every picture telling a story.


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