Below is a list of shows and events I will be attending. If you have not had the chance to come along and see a show yet, take a peek at the upcoming shows and bring yourself along for a evening of whooping and cheering, sparkle and glitter, bumping and grinding and lots and lots of teese xx

APRIL 2011

1st April

Sugar suite - Birmingham

A night of beautiful ladies, fab costumes and plenty of teese. All brought together by the charming compere Jacques Bruxelles.

28th April

Volupte - London

Come along and see some of burlesques newest stars, in the lovely surroundings of London's premier cabaret venue.

MAY 2011

6th May

Vic biker pub - Coalville

What is sure to be a top night with a variety of burlesque acts, including the delightful Darkteaser Burlesue Star performing her beautiful fan dance.

8th May

Bar music hall - Shoreditch

Vintage clothing, cake, delightful cocktails served in finest china all topped off with an evening of burlesque. Event to support Macmillan cancer charity.

27th May

The Valley - Walsall

What promises to be another fantastic Black Country Burlesque event, featuring to burlesque acts including wrong note rusty and many more.

JUNE 2011

8th June

Cabaret of pottiness - The Loom Bar - London

Whats bound to be another fantastic evening where almost anything goes including singing, comedy, burlesque and who knows what...

JULY 2011


13th July

Cabaret of pottiness - The Loom Bar - London

Another night of total pottiness thanks to some top acts including Voodoo Mick, Shelly Cooper and me Bettie. Come along and see for yourselves.......

15th July

Coparate event - Mayfair

Oh my Betties going posh (on the monopoly board even) 50th birthday party. Loads of fun with Voodoo Mick, magic with Tennyson and bumps and grinds with Bettie.


5th August

The Bear Tavern, Birmingham

New venue for Bettie to visit just outside the main town centre, come along and have a whoop, cheer and enjoy a beer !!

During August

Camden Eye, Camden - part of Camden Fringe

Lucky old me, Ive been invited along to join the Cabaret of Pottiness on stage for a couple of their nights at the 'kissing room' above the bar.


3rd Sept

The Valley, Asthma UK charity event - Birmingham

Come along and show your support for Delilah Cherryblossom and Astma UK as we shimmy and shake and raise money for a great cause

17th Sept

Rose and Crown -  Blackpool

This ones going to be great, so come along and yes you know it by now..........whoop cheer and have a beer !! as Bettie takes her Blackpool Belle beauty contest act home to the land of the Tower and the Big One!!!!


20th October

The Boogaloo - Archway

Looking forward to performing back in London with the delightfully lovely Scarlett Cuffs at the Boogaloo Club in Archway. Come along for a cosy Autumn evening of burlesque, singing and comedy. Perfect bit of magic for October x


17th November

Hop Garden Burlesque - Canterbury

Ohhh heading down south for a little shimmy and shake at The Ballroom in Canterbury. A new venue for burlesque and looking forward to catching up with lots of lovely burlesque beauties.

19th November

The Valley - Birmingham

Its time for what promises to be the show of shows in Birmingham. Back up north with the delightful Rob for a MASSIVE charity show at the Valley. Angels and anarchy is 12 hours of music, magic, comedy, fab comperes and of course lots and lots of burlesque. Cant wait to debut Betties new act all about losing the love of your life xx

24th November

The Black Heart - Camden

Oh a new home for the Cabaret of Pottiness and what a fab one it promises to be, up above a little hidden gem of a pub a delightful room to sit back and enjoy, well a little pottiness of course. xx


17th December

Creme de la Creme Cabaret - Fenny Compton

Back with old friends for Christmas in a new venue. A night of delights for you with singing and burlesque a plenty. Come down and enjoy a lickle pre christmas party xx

21st December

The Black Heart - Cabaret of Pottiness - Camden

Well just enough time to slip in one final evening before Santa arrives with all my presents. Back at the Black Heart with not 1 not 2 but 3 acts for you enjoyment including a one of special for crimbo (hope it goes with a bang) love to see you all there xx

24th December

Shhhhhh all tucked up x

No performance tonight im afraid, im waiting for Santa to bring me lots of feathers, sparkles, stockings and pasties so I can entertain you all again in the new year  Merry Christmas, love Bettie xx


26th January

The Black Heart, Camden

The first show of the year is a return to that little gem of a venue in Camden. Come along and start the year with a little pottiness!

28th January

The Blue Boar, Poole

My first show as both an organiser and performer, after being approached to put on show as a fundraising event, the Shimmy Or Shake Revue in aid of the RNLI was born. With some delightful burly ladies as well as a little comedy and magic this evening is sure to have something for everyone. x


11th Febuary

Creme De La Creme cabaret - Wharf Inn - Fenny Compton

A 2nd show at the lovely venue, this one will be just as good if not better than the first, with all the feel and charm of the old days come along and enjoy the fab atmosphere x

16th Febuary

The Hop Garden Burlesque - Ballroom - Canterbury

The last show was a sell out, so get your tickets now before they are gone. A mixture of performers in a beautiful ballroom, the perfect night out to share with friends.

18th Febuary

Chingford - London

A very special for a special lady. Details to follow

MARCH 2012

10th March

Riff Bar - Swindon

A new venue for Bettie but with some old friends in a fab little bar, come along and share the fun.

14th March

Black Heart, Camden

Its back and as fab as usual, The Cabaret of Pottiness where trust me.......anything goes. Come along and join in the singing, dancing and even a little mindreading, if your good.

16th March

Kaff Bar, Brixton

A special show for a special friend. The devine Natalie from Take Me Out is holding a fundraiser for Cancer Research at the Kaff in Brixton, with burlesque, auctions and some very nice men who could say no!

APRIL 2012

1st April

Numa Bar, Wolverhampton

So here we are a whole year on to the day I first took to the stage, and theres only one place to spend my burly birthday and thats back up north where it all began. Please come along to this new venue for burlesque and help me celebrate in style.

5th April

Annies Bar, Kentish Town

Another new venue for burlesque and back with the best burly friends ever for a night of glitter, feathers, fans, lipstick, comedy and the odd drop of wine.

7th April

Creme De La Creme  - The Wharf, Fenny Compton

Back up north to a great venue with a great crowd. Come along and see some old favorites as well as some new performers, all while enjoying the delish food and great hospitality.

18th April

Kaff Bar, Brixton

A little something different for this evening. Best friend and wonderful photographer Diana Thompson of www.fashionlovesphotos.com is having a preview of her 1st collection at Kaff. A display of photos showing people of Brixton day to day. Good luck lovely lady x

MAY 2012

3rd May

Annies Bar, Kentish Town

Back for a second night in this cosy little pub in Kentish Town. An evening of glam and glitter, feather and fans, fun and laughter, come along and join the fun.

6th may

Wolverhampton, details to follow

8th May

Black Heart, Camden

Its back and bigger than ever, come along to the cabaret old chum and enjoy more allsorts than a packet of sweets. Joining old friends and new, just be careful....Voodoo Mick will know what you are thinking!

JUNE 2012

9th June

Creme De La Creme - The Wharf, Fenny Compton

Come and join the fun. We will all be celebrating alongside Her Majesty.  Prepare to sing along and wave that flag inbetween wooping and cheering.

JULY 2012

15th July

The After Eight Review - Thorpe Hall, Peterborough

After a year in the planning July sees my first show taking place in the beautiful surrounds of Thorpe Hall. A charity event to raise funds for Sue Ryder, the evening promises to be full of burlesque, magic, comedy, glitter, glamour and so much more. Featuring many lovely performers an compered by the delightful, charming Jacque Bruxelles what more could one ask for.

22nd July

Back up north of Watford Gap.

Venue to be confirmed

August 2012

Very excited to be performing as part of the Camden Frindge with The Cabaret of Pottiness.

Dates and details to follow

1st September

West Rock Cafe, Blackpool

Goodness me its a year since the last Blackpool show and my how excited I am about performing here again. Ice cream, donkeys, kiss me quick hats! What more could a 1950s housewife ask for?


Poole details to follow for a cheeky christmas party gig x



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