Based in London, I have been performing all over the country since April 2011 including, Birmingham and Blackpool as well as Volupte and the Black Heart in London. At the moment I have five acts with many more in the pipeline for Summer 2012.......


This act finds super shy Bettie hanging out her washing on a lovely sunny day. With the sun beating down will she be able to continue her chores with her layers of petticoats and rubber gloves on and will she be able to hide from the eyes of her stay at home 1950s neighbours.

A short and sweet act performed to Strippers Holiday.


After being at home cooking, cleaning and generally being a housewife all day every day Bettie takes time out to go to the seaside1950s style. While walking along the seafront she spots a poster for the Blackpool Belle beauty pageant offering a free holiday for the winner and £100 in prizes. Oh my, can shy Bettie actually peel and reveal enough to win a much needed break from the kitchen!!! 

Back to the 50s, using music Sh-Boom and Personality


Bettie has realised after many years of cooking, cleaning, and being a housewife that the love is slowly disapearing from her diamond realationship. A slightly more romantic style act with a little fan dance twist thrown in. So after the gentle seduction the question is will he? wont he?

Guns an Roses dusted off for something a little different


A fun little routine to clap along to with a selection of 50s music sees Bettie wanting all the crowd to join in pop, pop, pop......


Well Betties back in the kitchen and working hard to keep the house ship shape, but there must be something to help make life easier.

Take a peek back soon to see more acts for Bettie coming together

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